Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new art website

www.katrinaberg.com is officially up and running. John has done a beautiful job! Now to figure out how to blog and update it...:)

Hope you are all well!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the daily delights

Just in case you've been wondering...yes, I'm still painting! I'm spending most of my blogging time at www.the dailydelights.com: my development blog. There you'll find my daily adventures working on various goals: painting, creating green, healthy cooking, food allergies, green building & architecture, and a daily children's literature-based activity (staring my kiddos of course). My intent is to use this blog as an art archive.

I've also opened my etsy shop at www.trinaberg.etsy.com

Anyways, come on by, join in the fun, and let me know how you are. :)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

gift for baby sadie

My cousin Jason and his wife Heidi just had their first this week: Sadie Mae. She looks adorable: beautiful curly hair, a strawberry from what I can see...

For her baby gift I thought I'd paint her a lil' something to hang in her room. I used Anneclaire's blessing gown to paint from. I finished it the other night as Carl and I were watching for the unsurprising presidential results. History. Amazing. Well Sadie Mae, you entered the scene just before Obama, what a thing to remember...:)

I've got one I'm painting for her cousin, Miley, and three for my kiddo's baby cousins. Stay tuned. I'll post them when they're finished.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

karrie penny art sale

A beautiful painter and friend, Karrie Baldwin Penny, is having a Christmas Studio Art Sale:

Christmas Studio Sale
20% to 30% off Fine Art and Prints
and used frames

Saturday, November 8, 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
or by appointment through the holidays

3168 South Big Hollow Rd., Heber, UT

Call for directions or an appointment
kbpenney@newleafartstudio.com, 801-234-0162

To see more of her work, check out her website or another beautiful friend, Cynthia,'s Two Sister's Art Gallery. Give something charming and meaningful this Christmas!

Friday, July 18, 2008

paint out '08

After the main contest is, the Midway Art Association has a paint out the mornings of the 3rd and 4th. You have a smaller geographical area to paint, and you only have 4 hours to register, paint, frame your piece and turn in it. My best friend and I did the paint out two years ago. It went so quickly. I hurried to finish, and my painting was not one to be proud of. (I painted over it last year). Since then, I have become much faster.

Fortunately, I chose a subject that wasn’t too popular. There were lots of painters, but they were all down the road a bit, so there i was enjoying the serene, peaceful morning all to myself. The weather was nice, and the shade from the back of our Highlander: fabulous. I left the house just before 7, checked in, and got sketching fairly soon after that. My husband helped me plan and organize the event. My parents helped him watch the kids, and he even came to get milk I pumped for the baby. Amazingly, I finished just before 11. I met up with he and my parents, got the painting in the frame, and turned it in before the noon deadline. It was exciting to know that I could paint a large painting under pressure and feel completely satisfied!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

plein air paradise '08

Entering an outdoor painting contest 2 weeks after your baby is born is not always the most convenient, nor the smartest idea...but I would be disappointed to not participate for the third year in a row. :) I was very sick during the competition and felt overjoyed to get to enter one piece at all!
The American Dream is the title of my plein air piece. My husband came up with the title. Not only are there patriotic colors used, but the piece is about how the American Dream involves having your own piece of earth…and doing whatever you wish with it. The scene can be seen from our backyard. The previous owners had built a large hill out back, supposedly, to mask the back neighbor’s “junk” that they had rather not see. The shed, trailer, and pipes in my painting are all still visible from our back deck. There were a few other items that I chose not to paint because the painting was “busy” enough. One of the rusty items, I don’t even know what it is, and the other is a partially torn apart motorcycle. So there is my entry. The exhibit on display is mostly of nice pictorial scenes, perfect views, for the most part. And then you have my junk painting…

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

on the easel - accents

I'm currently working on a painting of Accents by mcg Design. Andy has suggested that I paint each of the buildings within Old Town Heber. It might be a while, however, this baby within my belly is getting bigger, and i'm losing steam :). This painting may be on the easel for a while. It's nice to see the process though. Currently, I paint the background of all my paintings orange. So by the time I am finished, its truly an interesting transformation.

heber trains at the snake creek grill

Closed for their Spring Break, but when they reopen next week, you can dine along side "heber trains" at the Snake Creek Grill. Dean (owner & head chef), has decided that he would like to exhibit and offer for sale, several pieces of local art. Cynthia of Two Sisters Art Gallery, will also be placing pieces of her local artists within the restaurant. I am excited to see how the local art will change or heighten the ambiance found within the local treasure of a restaurant. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

carsten's plane

Saturday nite I filled in for Andy at Accents. I enjoyed my time there talking with Cynthia, next door of Two Sisters, and with the customers. We had a nice break for about an hour while customers were eating at the Snake Creek Grill and I worked on a painting for my son Carsten's third birthday coming up this Sunday. He is very into planes, trains, cars, tractors,...anything that moves, really. I chose a plane and wanted it to be fun, and within his favorite colors. At first i was just focusing on the plane being purple (his all time favorite). When i got home and hung it on the wall i noticed that one of his latest paintings hanging next to it was made of the same color scheme. Interesting isn't it? :) The next morning i showed it to him and told him it was for him and that when it was dry we would hang it in his room. He was soo excited and has been telling everyone about it that comes over. The last two paintings i hung in his room have sold, but this will always be Carsten's plane. Happy Birthday Carsten!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Sisters now in Accents

Last nite "Two Sisters" was hung in Accents by mcg Design. I am thrilled with the new frame by Dave Brown. The photo doesn't do it justice; there are rusty items within the frame (made from reclaimed barn wood) that match the old rusty machinery in front of the gallery.

Living in a small town has so many benefits, but of course you can't expect to have everything you want. It's a rare and beautiful thing to have a great art gallery such as the Two Sisters Art Gallery. Even nicer, is the relative locality of most of the artists.

Cynthia Stott, the gallery's owner opened with her sister and premiere artist, Lynn Farr, in mind. Thus the name of the gallery, and perhaps, the reason for the warm ambiance found within the gallery's walls. Whether you're local, or just passing through Heber Valley, make a point to take in the gallery's beauty every now and again. It is located in Heber's Old Town, next to the Snake Creek Grill. Here is the gallery website: http://www.twosistersfineartgallery.com/index.html

Thursday, March 20, 2008

hanging at snake creek grill

Thanks to Andy of Accents by mcg Design, the chef and owner of the Snake Creek Grill, Dean Hottle, in Old Town Heber, has graciously agreed to hang and sell my "Snake Creek Grill" painting. I enjoyed meeting Dean and hearing his ideas for future paintings. Teasing him that he was so young, i still believe it is such an accomplishment to own and be main chef for such a highly rated fine restaurant. May his culinary success continue and possibly rub-off on my ability to sell paintings in his lovely restaurant!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

mirmande, france

I'm a big fan of sketchbooks. It's a great way for me to express my thoughts and experiences in a open format. I have several filled up, mostly from my architecture school days. Here are a few pages from my trip to the south of France back in 2002. I was visiting the small hilltown of Mirmande, which is south of Lyon. I visited the church, wandered the streets and a bit of the countryside. In the evening, I dined in a charming restaraunt...the only one in town. The food was delicious! Can't wait to go back with Carl one of these days...

Monday, February 18, 2008

heber trains

The Heber Creeper is what most know these trains by, but these days we call it the Heber Valley Railroad. When I say that I live in Heber, the two main connections people make are Granny's or the Heber Creeper. Even when I worked for a Landscape Design Build Company, Landaco, in Vegas, our shop/warehouse man had been on the Heber Creeper. :)
My long-time friend Jason Wright, took me to Brigham Young's Homecoming dance when I was visitng from Vegas for the weekend. We rode the Heber Valley Railroad, chugging along to top-40 music. It was cold out, and we found a warm car to hang out and catch up. I went on a lot of dates at BYU, but this is one of the most memorable (even though it occured after I had graduated). I'm grateful for the friendships shared while I was there and i still think of those special friends...they have had a great influence on my life and have given me many wonderful memories to cherish.
These days you can partake of so many adventures on the Heber Valley Railroad: A Day out with Thomas the Train, the Polar Express, Cowboy Poetry, Tube n'train, and a haunted train at Halloween to name a few. To ride the train or any of these special events, visit their website: http://www.hebervalleyrr.org/ Take a piece of the Old West and the Heber Valley with you.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

spa at the homestead

The Homestead Resort and Spa of Midway, Utah, has long held memories for the many that have visited and enjoyed it's unique setting & atmosphere. It's crater and beauty were discovered and first utilized by swiss immigrant, Simon Schneitter in the late 1800's. Originally, Simon's intent for the land was a farm. Yet after discovering the medicinal value of the 55 foot crater and it's mineral rich waters, he began to invite others. In 1886 he openned, "Schneitter's Hot Pots," which was the first resort to be established in the area.

Through the years, the resort has changed ownership, but when mentioning the name "Homestead," the reputation of a family centered resort is recalled. The Homestead has meaning for both Carl & I. It was the setting for Carl's parents, very first date. It was also the honeymoon spot for my parents.
This intimate view is of the "Virginia House," which was the original home of the Schneitter family. It has been recently renovated and still carries the charm that must have welcomed it's first visitors. It is one of the oldest buildings in the valley. Here is the website for the Homestead Resort: http://www.homesteadresort.com/ Come, stay, remember old times, and create new memories with those that you love.

Friday, February 1, 2008

nyman home

The Nyman Home in Nephi, Utah: My mother-in-law, JuLee’s childhood home. Many memories were shared there with her parents & siblings, later with her husband, Dale, & their children. One that I particularly like hearing about is Grandma Nyman telling the grandkids it was too dangerous to sleep out in the yard during “fair” time because the gypsies would carry them away in the night. There is a carport next to the east side of the home, but new owners, cars, and the fact that the carport wasn’t always there…I chose not to include it in the painting. Nephi has changed quite a bit since JuLee lived there, but the charming home reminds one of quieter, smaller Nephi days :).

lumber yard

The Lumber Yard building was one that I had dreamt of painting. I finally mustered up the courage during Midway’s 2007 “Plein Air” contest. I consider it my first architectural subject. It was quite enjoyable. The shadows from one of the only nearby trees intrigued me as I imagined what this building must of looked like years ago…what it could have been like to visit, and how busy the yard was at one time.

This painting also has special meaning for me, as it is the first painting I’ve sold, and to a dear friend, Hilma Bellessa. An artist herself, and collector, it is an honor to have this painting in her home.

zenger barn

Another valley treasure that may not be for much longer. Nestled in the hillside below Interlaken in Midway, Jack & Holly Zenger’s barn is downhill from their home. Jack & Holly are known for many things, but the first thing I knew about Holly was how much she loved singing in the church choir. While my husband & I lived in Midway, Jack & Holly opened their home to choir members each Sunday for practice. Holly also was the initiator of the holiday Creche exhibit in Midway. Originally, Jack & Holly again opened their home to share nativity treasures. As you probably know, this has become such a large event that it is held along with the Swiss Christmas & Gingerbread Homes for the Children, in downtown Midway.

Because of a potential development on the Zenger property, the barn will most likely be moved. However, it’s charm will always grace the beautiful hillside in my mind.

sunshine, snow & ice

Each tree remaining within the North Fields of Midway have their own distinct character & personality. They seem to be moving and twisting until you look at them…that’s when they freeze and give you a wonderful pose to enjoy. I love the North Fields and have enjoyed painting there with another artist friend, Debbie Tolbert.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, it seems the fields have changed and yet, they are always welcoming & warm.

lovely holiday home

This is one of my favorite homes in Heber City. It is located in the heart of Heber and is simply charming. Although I don’t know the owners, just like their home, they are warm & friendly. Several times a week this past spring and summer, the kids & I would bicycle through town together and pass this wonderful home on the way to “Grandma’s” or “Aunt Kathryn & Charlotte’s.” I rarely missed passing the home, for I love it so much. Every once in a while, some of the family would be out enjoying the morning in their spacious yard, waving at us as we passed their lovely abode.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

uncle woodrow's home

Uncle Woodrow's Home, used to be standing in what is now the "Dale Berg Park." It was torn down a year or so before Carl & I married. Our wedding reception was the first, I'm told, in the official "park". Because he passed away a couple years before I was part of the Berg family, I never met him or his home. Uncle Woodrow was Dale's uncle, who, as I have been informed, was a very colorful man. After serving in the war he returned to Heber City for the remainder of his life. He never married and was known to be quite put out by the Berg kids playing basketball and hitting his car (usually while he was taking a nap in it). The home never had central heating, so he was quite comfortable napping in the sun-warmed car.
Other things I have learned about him are that he loved eating ice cream at the birthday party gatherings, always licking his bowl or plate clean. The grandkids (Carl, his cousins, & sibblings) were mostly intimidated by him & did not enjoy helping him in his precious garden or climbing into his dirt filled root celler to obtain potatoes for supper. It appears that the only grandkids he really enjoyed (or had softened up to) were the youngest girls: Brittany & Krystalina.
There are many more "Woody" stories, but these are the ones I hear about most. The home was quite lovely at one time, and although Dale would rather of saved it, it was determined better to tear it down and enjoy the extra space. And it has been enjoyed. The large trees around the park attract many to picnic under the shade & in their cars. Sometimes neighborhood kids wander in also. This past summer, Carl & his sibblings worked very hard at finishing the landscaping on the east side, giving JuLee the extra privacy she's dreamt about for quite a while.

kathryn & charlotte's home

Though my kids & I think first that this is the home of Aunt's Kathryn & Charlotte, it was the home they grew up in, along with their brothers: Kent, and Dale Berg (Carl's father). Many traditions began in the home by Ray & Lola Berg (Dale's parents). These and many new ones are regularly shared with Dale & Kent's family. The great grandchildren look forward to special holiday parties put on by their wonderful aunts. Kathryn & Charlotte make each holiday special and are always interested in the latest excitement of each of their nieces & nephews.
As for me, Ray & Lola's home (now Kathrn & Charlotte's home) was the site I first met the extended Berg family. Carl & I were newly dating, & he had invited me to Thanksgiving with his family. There were many in attendance that holiday, and I was glad I hadn't been quized on the names of those I'd just met. I felt comfortable with the large family, realizing that their numbers and kindness were very similar to my father's extended Madsen family & their holiday gatherings. Good memories.
2 1/2 year old Carsten loves to point out that is is "Kathryn & Charlotte's house!"

calder & starr's new-old barn

Calder & Starr Stratford live in one of the original pioneer homes in Midway, which they have beautifully updated and restored. It is a small log cabin on a beautiful lot along Center Street. Before Midvalley Estates was under construction (off Main Street in Midway), Calder decided to save a barn that was on the property. He organized a real old fashioned "barn raising" where many friends, family, & locals came to help he and Starr reassemble the barn on their property. It looks amazing and I'm sure they will enjoy it for many years to come.

tate barn

The original Tate Barn was built over 100 years ago near today's Soldier Hollow, the cross- country site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Francis Tate built the original building. Over the years, the barn changed ownership. When a severe storm permanently damaged the building, and private organization raised the funds to replace the barn in the original footprint and architecture. The wood used in the new barn was taken from the original barn. The painting is just a small view of the beautifully restored valley treasure.

two sisters

Living in a small town has so many benefits, but of course you can't expect to have everything you want. It's a rare and beautiful thing to have a great art gallery such as the Two Sisters Art Gallery. Even nicer, is the relative locality of most of the artists.

Cynthia Stott, the gallery's owner opened with her sister and premiere artist, Lynn Farr, in mind. Thus the name of the gallery, and perhaps, the reason for the warm ambience found within the gallery's walls. Whether you're local, or just passing through Heber Valley, make a point to take in the gallery's beauty every now and again. It is located in Heber's Old Town, next to the Snake Creek Grill. Here is the gallery website: http://www.twosistersfineartgallery.com/index.html

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

white house at bear lake

Four fun days with family at Bear Lake has become an annual Berg tradition. We have a favorite large house that is rented & can accommodate the entire family (no small task). We stay near Garden City, and the road off the hwy that takes you to the beach has a beautiful old white home surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers and a white picket fence. Here is a painting of the home done last summer while the kiddos were napping.

heber's muffler shop

snake creek grill

Another Heber City icon. Found within the restored Heber Rail Station. Although I am embarressed to admit we have never eaten there, I have been told that the food is some of the best in the Heber Valley. Either way, I am just happy to have history to stroll through and enjoy.

grandpa jack's cabin

Here's a painting of Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful cabin and bunkhouses. Many memories have been made building and enjoying the cabin. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting, it is up in the mountains just east of Yuba Resevoir between Levan and Gunninson. The cabin has an amazing view of the vast openess and untouched nature. Grandpa owns most of the mountain, so there are no other cabins around. Another unique part of visiting the cabin is looking for uncle David's Elk herd that are up there from spring until the Elk hunt is over. Anyways, just a piece of heaven...


Mimosa: a unique and enchanting store on Heber City's Main Street. If you haven't been in...don't miss out, for there is a "for sale" sign out front and Ron and Linda's beautiful shop won't be there forever. If you do go for the first time, make sure to look for the child's boot that was found concealed within the wall of the upstairs southern bedroom. There is an article on the wall that describes the old custom and the story of it's discovery.

When we first moved to Heber I fell in love with the old home that the Peelemans had recently renovated. It was just down the street from Carl's parent's home and Carsten and I would take morning walks to take in it's charm. I remember the first time I went in. There was Ron, with a casual and friendly greeting. The home has a wonderful ambiance; the gifts, linens, toys: nothing easily obtained in these parts. I remember how excited I was to find lavendar, herbes de provence, and handblocked linens. Heber didn't seem so far from the world to me that day.

Not much later I found myself working there from time to time. Carsten and I shared many wonderful days there together: weeding in the yard, sweeping and dusting: all with Carsten on my back. Later he would go to Grandma's or to his cousin's, and I would have time to myself. I enjoyed visiting with customers who were just as enamored with the shop's treasures as I was. We would retell our journeys 'round the world and what brought us to this beautiful valley.

Ron and Linda have traveled all over the backroads of the world to find many of these treasures. Their main business that will not change when the home sells is called European Expressions. For more information and to see some of their products go to:

Although I will be truly sad when Mimosa is sold, Heber is a better place because of Ron and Linda. They have set a standard for shops in town and have given many small businesses hope. Thank you to Ron and Linda for your kindness and willingness to share the cultural beauties of our world in a rural piece of heaven. May you continue to find happiness and sucess as you share your talents and experiences.

artist bio

While studying at BYU, Katrina fell in love with her humanities classes, spent a semester in France in ‘98, and took a beginning drawing course. After receiving a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood education at BYU, she chose to follow a childhood dream of becoming an architect. She started graduate classes at UNLV in the fall of 2001. She and a few friends in the program lived in Turin Italy, the following summer, studying the famous gardens, hill towns, and great cities of northern & central Italy. A graduate professor & mentor noticed within her, a talent to design in the field of Landscape Architecture. Deciding that she wanted more than to design buildings, rather, to design on the large scale (developments, master planned communities, regional parks, town centers), as well as the small scale of gardens & residential design, she continued to study with professor Mark Hoversten, FASLA, & received her Landscape Architecture degree in 2004. During her last year in the Landscape Architecture program, Katrina befriended & fell in love with Carl Berg, of Heber City, Utah. They married the week after her UNLV graduation.

After Carl graduated in the Landscape Architecture program, the summer of 2005, they returned to the Heber Valley. Immediately, Katrina was stricken with Heber Valley’s charming old homes, barns, tractors, & trains. Within that first week she knew that she wanted to paint them.

A member of the Midway Artists Association, Katrina received inspiration and confidence while participating in the annual Plein Air competitions of 2006 & 2007. Though she began painting in water color, her more recent work is done in oil. The love of architecture and nature draws Katrina to each of her subjects. The desire to emphasize nature’s effects of light & shadow on man-made beauty, are what inspires her painting style. Though photographs can give a wonderful feeling & memory to a subject, Katrina feels that the subjects are given new life and spirit when painted and loves to use color to accentuate certain parts of each subject. Though she has found beauty throughout the world, her heart lies in the Heber Valley. Nearly all of her current works are of valley subjects.

welcome & contact info

Welcome. Sit back and enjoy views of familiar subjects found in the Heber Valley and other beautiful spots in Utah. To contact Katrina directly email her at trinaberg@gmail.com or call her at home 435.654.1696.

Several of Katrina's paintings are currently showing at Accents by MCG Design INC (http://www.accentsbymcg.com/), next door to the Two Sisters Art Gallery & the Snake Creek Grill in Heber City, Utah. There you will find beautiful home accents as well as designer, Andy Munro. Andy & his associates are high end residential designers. Accents is a showroom of their amazing work. In Accents you'll find a video portfolio, recent publications in premiere Salt Lake Design magazines, as well as a published book showcasing their work, (which is available for purchase). To contact Andy, email him at andy@accentsbymcg.com, or call him at Accents: 435.487.9397.

Currently available are the original oil paintings found on this site as well as limited addition prints. The prints are created by artist and printmaker, Alison Armstrong (http://www.artportraits.biz/). They are done using archival ink on cotton rag paper. Allow one to two weeks for your piece to be shipped. Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Paintings that are for sale framed, have been hand crafted by artist and framer, Dave Brown (801.368.4475), whose shop, Aspen Ridge, is found in Orem, Utah. His beautiful work is available at wholesale prices.